This morning when i woke up i read the email of Jomar Hilario regarding making a list of 100 reasons/excuses why you haven’t done what you should do. But actually it should be WHAT I SHOULD DO…. here it is…..let me count the ways……… I should…..

1. write my blogs everyday.
2. go spend time with my boys and my husband
3. text my Mom
4. start with my job as a VA
5. read the books in my iPad
6. organize my cabinet
7. file the papers that needs to be filed
8. watch inspiring movies
9. read the bible
10. learn how to play the piano
11. put labels on all the things that i need
12. sit with my boys as they watch TV
13. plan my weekly menu
14. cook something good for the weekend
15. learn new computer concepts.
16. paint a woman
17. paint an abstract painting
18. paint mayon volcano
19. paint more flowers
20. paint a planting rice scene
21. go to Santorini Greece
22. go back to Rome and Paris
23. sleep the whole day
24. watch TV and DVD the whole day
25. play FARMVILLE again

the list is endless……. it just made me realize that if i want to do those things i need to do something to equip me to do those things….. but actually i just need to decide and start to do some things TODAY!

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