Patience is a virtue.
Its hard to have patience, especially when you are surrounded with things or people or circumstances that really tests your patience.
I have been tested a lot of times but sometimes really i want to give up. But then after i pray about it, i can always step back and wait. Or i just keep my mouth shut in order not to hurt other people.
When is my patience tested?
* When i wait on line and suddenly someone from behind overtakes……
* When people around me tend to slow down when i am in a hurry…..
* When i keep on praying for something and it takes long time before it unfolds……
* When the traffic is so bad……
* When things you planned doesn’t happen the way you like it……
* When your flight is delayed…..
* When there is a typhoon and your plane was not able to land….
* When you are in the airport and they announced that your flight was cancelled…..
* When you keep on teaching someone and it takes time for them to learn…..

The list is endless. So what should we do when things are getting off hand?
Seat back, relax and pray.
Because at the right time and at the right place, things will go on as planned.

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Accent Walls

We are in the process of renovating our new home. I was wondering what are the new colors for 2011. Colors that i can use in my living room, dining room and bedrooms.

What i am painting is one side of the wall which is the accent wall. Usually an accent wall is a solid wall. It should be a wall that catches one’s attention.

I still wanted to use my distinct colors. The bright yellow in my living room was one color that i really wanted to use. Actually its just an accent wall, meaning i will only paint one wall. I have read from books that it should be a bright color and something that will catch your eye.So i opted again for my bright yellow wall.

For my dining room, i painted one wall with bright red. It brings elegance and drama to the room.It also enhances the dining experience.

The It Color for 2011 is Honeysuckle. Since i love the color pink, i will use it for our bedroom’s accent wall.

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Right now i am reading the book – Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother by Amy Chua.  The book is very interesting for a Mom like me. Although my sons are now teen agers and have passed that stage. I guess its a good reminder for some other Moms. It speaks about perfection. And practice makes perfect. A lot of time and effort is invested on something that they do, like in the case of Ms. Amy Chua’s daughters it was playing the violin and playing the piano.

When i was small, my Mom used to tell me that i should devote time to practice or do my piano lesson assignments at least 3 x a week. But i was full of excuses. I did not do it. At first i tried doing it and it would result to beautiful music being played on the piano. I would love hearing myself playing good music. But then when i became too engrossed on other things. I would forget my practice time until i completely forgot all about it specially when i went to college. Now i am regretting it. I should have done it so that by now i could have been a piano virtuoso. 

Thirty five years after, while visiting my parent’s home, i gazed upon my piano piece. I was starring at it not even knowing how i would play it. It dawned on me that i should have devoted my time and talent on playing the piano. My Mom was staring at me and was telling me that she admired me before when i was still playing the piano. That she saw the talent in me. But then everything now is too late. Is it really too late now to start practicing so that i can attain perfection?

Learnings From the Heart

Everyday is a learning in progress. Everyday there are lots and tons of things that we learn.From a simple way of doing things such as the computer to a more complex thing as stock exchange and money market.

In my quest to be a Virtual Assistant, i have discovered a lot of things.

Using Dropbox to place my file on and is accessible everywhere i go. I can also share it with my friends. In fact, i have been promoting its use that i saw one time that my son was using it already. It is very useful since if ever your files are corrupted, then it is readily available.

I have been using Word,Excel and Powerpoint a lot. In fact among my peers ( you know i belong to the category who are more indulge in shopping and or doing household chores rather than doing things on a computer)they brand me as a techie person ( meaning a person who can do computers). Now this VA work has expanded my life to not only internet browsing but to a more complex one.

I am so happy that i have ventured into this new world. Now i can say i am up to date.