A Butterfly Emerges

I love butterflies. The reason i love them is because i compare myself to a butterfly. Before it becomes a beautiful butterfly, it undergoes many stages. The metamorphosis of a butterfly is amazing. From an egg, to a caterpillar, to a chrysalis then it emerges into a beautiful butterfly ready to spread its wings and fly.
I was once a shy and over protected young lady. My parents were so overprotective. They gave me the comforts in life. I never learned how to do things. They were all done for me. So i was a person that just flowed with the tide.
When i was in high school, i always compare myself to the other girls in my school. To me, they were all smarter than i was. I never tried to excel in high school. Although at the end of the year i saw that my grades were good. But i still did not get the top spot. So i did not believe in myself. I thought, i was not a smart girl and that i was a nobody.
When i went to college, i began to excel in my school but still i was just one of them.
But when i started working, it was my time shine and be the best that i could be. My first boss believed in me so i had to live up to her expectations. I had to do things that i never imagined i could do. I started believing in myself. Then people started believing in me. I gained my self confidence. From then on, i learned to be the best that i can be for the world. I tried everything that people my age would feel inadequate of doing. I became more technical, i tried everything that i could hold on too. I tried experimenting and i did not fail myself. I proved people that i was not only good enough but the best. I got awards and achievements in my job.
But amidst all those successes, i had to make a decision. A decision that i will forever treasure – and that was to be a full time Mom to my three young boys and a submissive and caring wife. That decision made me who i am today. A fulfilled wife and mother.
Today, to further enhance myself and to keep on learning, I enrolled in a mentoring program for on line marketing, blogging and working as a virtual assistant. I also do stock market investments. And most of all., I am so proud to say that I am now an ARTIST – a painter.
So now, we can see that from a small cocoon a butterfly emerges.
Let us continue believing in ourselves that the BEST is yet to come.
And that no matter how old we are – we can still learn new things.

This painting was an inspiration by a dear friend here in Jakarta. She gave me a picture of a butterfly. That picture made me paint this beautiful butterfly that i call my trademark. She even made a poem about My Pink Butterfly. But That’s another story to tell.

Do it now!

if you will it you can

Oftentimes, we procrastinate on doing things. Or we do not have the courage to do it.
Sometimes, we are just too lazy to get up and do it.

I have been dangling on this project of mine. Actually it took me 9 months to do it. Then just last week i said to myself i need to do this project now. And so i downloaded this picture album from www.picturebooks.com.ph wherein you can do your album online and have it printed and delivered to your doorstep. And so I stopped procrastinating and started doing it. I have few obstacles long the way like my laptop suddenly stops and crashes on me or i get distracted by doing other things. But now i have a firm resolution to really finish this project of mine.
It just takes our willingness to do one thing and our commitment to finish whatever we started.
All it takes is a firm resolution to JUST DO IT!
As my posters says – If you will it … you can.
How about you? Do you have any stories to tell? Common lets publish it here so that we can inspire other people.
Shall I hear from you soon?


The other day we had an honoring for a dear friend and a co member of our CFC Household. While we were honoring, I noticed that there was a specific trait that my friend has. It was PEACE. But then, there were two kinds of PEACE that was being attributed to her. It was therapeutic PEACE and calming PEACE. Then it dawn on me that indeed there are two kinds of PEACE. That which is therapeutic meaning you radiate peace from within. And that PEACE you give to people that you meet. On the other hand, the calming peace is the peace that you have yourself, meaning within you. You feel that peace and in so doing people look at you as peaceful and calm and full of serenity.
May we always have those two kinds of peace. May we radiate Therapeutic Peace and feel that Calming Peace within.
Come pray with me that we may have that everlasting peace.

Have a Great Day!

Do you believe that when you start your day with positive thoughts, it will be a great day?
Well, i am a firm believer on that.
So why not start your day with this great affirmations,

I am happy.
I am protected.
I am guided.
I am healed.
I am comforted.
I am strong.
I am filled with kindness.
I am deeply loved.
I am abundantly blessed.

Then surround yourself with positive people. People who are God fearing and people who are always attuned with God. Then i guarantee you. Your day will be great.


Prayer for Inner Healing


I always say this prayer every morning for people who i know needs INNER HEALING.
You can find this prayer in a book entitled

Healing Presence
Prayers for Healing
by Maribi Mapa-Garcia

Come pray with me:

Prayer For Inner Healing

Lord, I come before You to lift up (name) who is in need of inner healing.
Touch him now where he is hurting the most.
You know better than anyone else what is best for him.
Let the grace of your Divine Love flow to the inner recesses of his being,
to his past, present and future.
Heal all the unresolved pain, anguish, bitterness, resentments,
feelings of rejection, despair and frustration from the past.
Heal all painful feelings and memories in his subconscious,
including all repercussions of traumatic experiences.
Give him a forgiving heart to help him forgive all the people who have hurt him in the past
and seek forgiveness from those whom he has hurt.
Grant him the grace to accept all his sufferings
as a share in Your own sufferings and offer this for the conversion of sinners
and the salvation of souls, especially those of his family and loved ones.
Give him a repentant and contrite heart to acknowledge the many ways he has sinned
and displeased You in the past and present,
and bring him Your Divine Mercy.
Fill his emptiness with Your love,peace and joy.
Grant him the grace of expectant faith
to truly believe that he will be healed.
Bring him hope in Your forgiveness and loving mercy.
And after he has been healed,
may he serve You for the rest of his life,
and be a powerful witness of Your healing power and love.
All these I pray in Jesus’ name through Mary.

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