The Future is Full of Hope

The Future is Full of Hope

While i was waiting for the mall to open, I was talking to the telephone operator at the Business Center of Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas City.
I was so inspired by his life story that i told him i would write about him in my blog.
He is a man full of hope and dreams for a brighter future. A person that can inspire other people.
His name is Allen Ojera, and he is a recipient of Global Fund for Children. He is now working at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas.
Allen, is a simple guy but full of hope. When he was a child he said he had to work in a sugar plantation to help out with the expenses of the family. Life was hard then, he hoped and prayed that life would become better. Then he came upon the Laura Vicuna foundation. This foundation taught him how to be a well rounded person. After graduation he landed a scholarship for a vocational course – dressmaking. He finished his course, but then a brighter future was given to him – that of working in the hotel industry in Manila. He was trained in all the departments in the hotel. He told himself that he will do his best in whatever department he was in and with his exemplary performance, the hotel hired him. And now, with his stable work he can now support his family in Negros Occidental. Life is good he says. For him, God first and family second.
I might not do justice to his story so allow me to share with you the link to his story.

I hope and pray with the story of Allen, I was able to inspire you to be the best in whatever circumstances you are in right now and for those who have more, may you have generous hearts to give. Because whatever help you give will surely go a long way.

If you know of success stories like Allen, let me know so that through this blog we may be able to touch other people’s hearts and minds.

Indeed our future is full of HOPE!

5 Ways to be Happy and Fulfilled

Be happy and fulfilled!

Yesterday, I attended the First Friday mass at a nearby church. The Priest gave a wonderful and inspiring Homily. The gospel reading yesterday was about the BEATITUDES. Because the BEATITUDES responds to our desire for happiness. He focused his homily on a book about How to be Happy and Fulfilled in life.

These are the ways in which we can be happy and fulfilled in life:

1. Follow your heart’s desire
First of all we should know what are our innermost desires and longings are. Take time to really discover it. Sometimes, we already know it but we fail to recognize what is it. Try to meditate and have a quiet time. We should then discover it, then knowing what it is, then we should follow our heart’s desires. A good example is I know of somebody who is a licensed practicing doctor. But then his passion is really to teach others then he gave up his practice and concentrated on his teaching career.
2. No regrets – whatever circumstances we are now in life we should accept it and embrace it. A very good question is : if you were given a new lease in life, do you will want the life you have now? The people you have and the circumstances where you are now? If your answer is a big YES, then happiness will surely come to you. Embracing the things and people we have around us now will surely bring us happiness. Like, given a chance – will you still marry the husband you have now? Will you still go to the same school you are attending now? Will you still choose that work you have now?
3. Be a being of love – becoming a loving being. We should be a person who radiates love around us. There are different categories of love.
A.) Love is eros – physical attraction. You are attracted to someone because he/she is beautiful and attractive. But this kind of love is passing. Because when physical attributes fades – our love fades too through time.
B.) Love is Philia – These kind of love is better personified by a philanthropist. A person who goes out of his way to reach out to other people in need. A brotherly love. Willing to be of service to other people always.
C.) Love is agape – universal love, a love which is unconditional. A love rising above the circumstances. It means doing good for all mankind.
There is that love which is difficult to explain, its called mystical agape. One wherein you look beyond the person – you see the divinity in every person. You never judge but you purely appreciate. Thereby only good things come out of the person. There are no negative feelings.

4. Give more than you take – when you become a being of love. Your tendency to be of service to others is almost inherent. It comes out naturally and you do not measure how much you have given but you give your all for someone in need. And not expecting something in return.

5. Cry more for the world than for your own little world. You have to be compassionate and not self centered. Think more of others than yourself.

These things maybe very hard for us to follow but at the end of the day, the ultimate question that will be asked of us is that HAVE WE LOVED?

How about you? How did you love?