Conference Notes: “The Pursuit of Medicinal Plants, Sacred Seeds, and Modern Natural Medicines” ~ Daniel T. Wagner

I was looking for a conference on pharma and i saw this. So i took notes and i am happy that I have broaden my knowledge on plants used in medicine.
Here is the link to the conference:
“The Pursuit of Medicinal Plants, Sacred Seeds, and Modern Natural Medicines” ~ Daniel T. Wagner
Here is my notes on the conference:

Notes on Herbal Medicine Conference May 2014

“The Pursuit of Medicinal Plants, Sacred Seeds and Modern Natural Medicines”
Dr. Daniel T. Wagner R.Ph., MBA, Pharm.D

May 2014

Plant Facts :
➢ 250,000 plants species known only less than 1% tested for medical application
➢ NCI identified 3,000 plants good for anti-cancer drugs.
➢ 70% come from rain forest
o some known plants
• ginseng
• Asian mayapple
• Western yew
• Rosy periwinkle
➢ Rainforest plants are rich in Alkaloids
➢ Alkaloids are a number of heterocyclic, colorless, crystalline, bitter organic substances such as caffeine, morphine, quinine and strychnine which has alkaline properties and contains nitrogen

Plant Derived Drugs:
➢ Mexican Yams – Cortisone – inflammation and birth control
➢ Queen of the Prairie – Salicylic Acid – fever reducing and pain
➢ Opium poppy – Morphine – pain killer
➢ Indian Senna – Senna – laxative and cathartic
➢ Rosy Periwinkle – Vincristine – childhood leukemia
➢ Pacific Yew – Taxol – cancer
➢ Common Foxglove – Digitalis – strengthen heart
➢ Ergot – Ergotamine – migraines
➢ Cinchona Tree Bark – Quinine – malaria
➢ Atropa Belladonna – Atropine – vasodilator
➢ Ephedra Sincia – Ephedrine – suppress cough and decrease appetite
➢ Rauwolfia Serpentine – Reserpine – lower blood pressure.
➢ Goat’s Rue (Galega) – Metformin – diabetes
➢ Artemisia annua anamed – new malaria treatment
➢ Una de Gato – cat’s claw – powerful immune system booster and other maladies such as cancer, systemic candidiasis, genetal herpes and HIV-AIDS
o Also has anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties
➢ Cinchona Bark – Quinine – agent isolated in 1820 by French
o Killes parasites in RBC
➢ Pau d’ Arco – inner bark of the Tabebuia avellanedae tree – Brazil
o Pain, inflammation of the prostate gland, fever, dysentery and uclers
o Bark – treating eczema, psoriasis, fungus and cancer of the skin
➢ Maca Root – help rebuild weak immune system
o Re-mineralize poorly nourished bodies
o Balance estrogen and testosterone levels
➢ Wild Yam (Dioscoreaceae) – most highly researched plant in Central America
o Diosgenin ( isolated from this plant) – Birth Control Pill and Cortisone
• Menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness and night sweats
➢ Red Gumbolimbo – common healing tree of Central America
o External infections
o Effective treatment for psoriasis, eczema, insect bites, poison fungus and other skin manifectations
o I mix aloe, vitamin E, cortisone and or calendula to make Jungle Salve
➢ Jackass Bitters – against amoeba, parasites, etc.
o Can be a tincture or tea
➢ COPAL – resin used for painful cavities
➢ Allspice – berries – treat gas, digestive upsets and infant colic.
➢ Saw Palmetto – berries – benign prostate enlargement
➢ Cayenne Pepper – can be used to treat pain,
o May help save a life in case of stroke, angina attack or heart attack
o Use a dab of powder under tongue using sublingually
➢ Guarana – Brazil
o Contains high conc. Of caffeine – appetite suppressant, energy booster
➢ Lemon Balm – mint family – calming herb
o Reduce stress and anxiety
o Promote sleep, improve appetite
o Easy pain and discomfort
➢ Lemon Grass – use as tea for fever, coughs, colds and as a pleasant tonic or beverage.
➢ Policasanol – effective in lowering total cholesterol

Miracle Drugs from Nature:
AZT – Zidovudine – treatment of AIDS
LOVASTATIN – from an inkcap mushroom fungus – lower blood cholesterol
COUMADIN – from conundrum – anticoagulant
TAXOL – from pacific Yew – cancer drug
CURARE – from South American moonseed – strychnine – general anesthetic
CAPTOPRIL – brazillian pip viper’s poison- lowers BP
ChORAMPHENICOL – Venezuelan soil fungus – typhus and typhoid fever
METFORMIN – Goat’s Rue – treatment of diabetes

Talents Revealed


I just finished my 50th painting. I am so happy i am able to paint on a canvass.

I am giving this painting to my Mom who requested that i give her again a newer painting than the one i gave her 7 years ago. Wow! its been 7 years. Who would imagine that i could paint. I didn’t even think that i can draw much more paint using oil as a medium on a canvass.

Indeed, there are things inside us that’s hidden and waiting to be revealed or be unfolded. Sometimes, people around us believe that we can do it. Sometimes, we are so shy or we never believe in ourselves.

When someone tells you that he/she believes in you. Affirm and believe for it is only in believing in ourselves that we can soar high and be the best that we can be.

How about you? Something is waiting to be uncovered. Reflect and pray for things that is unimaginable will be revealed.

Waiting for your inner talents to come out. Explore and believe!