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Yesterday, as part of my lenten week reflections, i read this book by Bo Sanchez – How to Change your Life in 30 days. I was so glued into reading it that i was able to finish reading the book in less than an hour. And so i started planning what i need to change in my life and you guess right – writing my blogs daily is one of them. Hopefully i can do this everyday and yes i am starting now. But if i fail, as the book says do it all over again.
According to Bo, there are 4 powerful ingredients necessary to change your life that is PURPOSE, PLAN, PRACTICE AND PRODUCE. I may call it the 4 P’s that i need to remember.
If you want to really know what these are and i tell you they are easy steps to follow then go to and buy your ebook and start changing your life NOW! Common, what are you waiting for. Its time for a change!




Recently, I watched the movie Cinderella. The movie opened with a short film Frozen Fever. I noticed that this short film opened my heart. It made me smile.
When the movie Cinderella started I had a smile on my lips. That smile lasted until the end of the movie. Why? You might ask because i like feel good movies and happy endings.
But what really got my attention was the attitude of Ella. She is a lovely person, kind and loving to all even to people who hurt her but when the time came to assert her right she stood her ground with courage and confidence.
Some people are either too courageous or assertive and would even step on the shoes of other people but there are some people who remain meek and humble and sometimes lack confidence.
What kind of a person are you? Would you rather be like Ella?
The choice and the decision is yours.
You can make a big difference in this whole wide world.
I choose to be Ella. How about you?
Write your comments below.



“The world is your oyster. It’s up to you to find the pearls.”
― Chris Gardner, The Pursuit of Happyness

Today, my niece is graduating from Elementary. I bet she is so excited with the award that she will be getting and what lies ahead. And i am reminded that when i graduated from elementary I had so many plans on what to do in High School. What school i wanted to go too and all that stuff. Looking back now, I realized that all those plans never materialized because it all depended on the decisions I made along the way. And all those plans kept on changing as i became an adult. Priorities changed and so were my dreams. Although the priorities and dreams changed it molded me to become a better person. Now i am happy were i am because i never gave up on finding those pearls that made me who i am today.
How about you? Are you settled with just one plan or do you keep on searching for that pearl of great price.
Common, its never too late to search for that pearl .

Reading is your treasure


The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. Dr. Seuss

I admire my Mom, who in her old age, loves to read all kinds of books. She says, it helps her brain get stimulated. And everytime i am with her, she tells me what she has read. And our conversations are unending. How i wish i could be like her. And guess what, she even does not wear eyeglasses anymore when she reads.

We should always take time to read and learn new stuff.

I have been doing that for the past 5 years now and i am learning a lot. My thirst for knowledge can not be filled. But just last Sunday i learned that my visual acuity now is getting poorer. So does that mean i should read less? Of course not. How about you? Do you read a lot?

Will To Succeed


At the start of the week, there is always a struggle to do what you need to do. Like getting up from bed and starting your day. We usually need something to inspire us, to motivate us to do what we need to do. So may this poster i made motivate you to do what you need to do and achieve your greatest potential. I pray that after you have seen this post you will be motivated and inspire to do your best.

All the best for a good week ahead.

Be Faithful


We should do our best in whatever thing we are doing. That is my reflection for today. That if we are able to give our best even in the menial things like cleaning the house, studying for an exam, managing our small business or even just talking to a friend who needs to be consoled and comforted we are doing small things for God’s greater glory. So why not start now and do something for someone. For after all, we are here on earth for a purpose and make it your best.

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