Daily Exercises


Are you the type of person  who usually says I need to do some exercises everyday? Well, I for one is that person. In the morning , I find myself saying oh I will exercise today because my tummy is getting bigger and bigger and my clothes don’t fit. But as I go about my day that thought would just be in my mind and then when i am about to rest at night I would say, “Oh I forgot to do my exercise. I’ll do it tomorrow.” Yes, that’s my daily routine. But would it be great if we do these exercises everyday instead. 1. For the EYE – see the everlasting beauty in human kindness.
2. For the TONGUE – speak from the heart instead of the mouth.
3. For the FACE – smile more often to everyone.
4. For the EARS – speak less and listen more.
5. For the BRAIN – have constructive thoughts.
6. For the FEET – walk towards knowledge and wisdom.
7. For the NOSE – inhale the good and exhale the bad.
8. For the STRENGTH – get up after you fall down.
9. For the HEART – improve yourself and your community.
10. For the SOUL – we are never alone, walk with GOD.

That’s a simple exercise there no need to set aside time and no pain.

Why not try to do this everyday. We can make our world a better place to live in. Common let’s all do it! 



Every morning when we wake up after we have said our prayers we need to make affirmations so that the rest of the day will be a beautiful one. Positive thoughts begets positive attitude. One has to be positive all the time. In order for us to attract good vibes we should always smile and think positive. If you agree with me then say this every morning. So you will have a good day.