Cold wax anyone?

Today, I am so happy. I made my own DIY coldwax. This coldwax is very easy to do. You just need sugar, honey, water and lemon juice. Heat it up and viola you can now use it to remove unwanted hair in your legs, face and underarms.
But making it is the tricky part and of course applying it is the second hardest part. But if you are able to watch the point where the sugar turns to brown then you are good to go. Once it cools off but still warm take some and make into a ball then spread it on the part where you want hair to be removed. Then pull it against the root of the hair and presto your hair will be removed.
the mixture can be stored in your refrigerator for at least 2 months. So anytime you see unwanted hair in your legs, underarms and face then you can always use it . No need to go to the salon for your hair to be removed. It saves time and money.
Come on try it. Just let me know if you want the exact recipe by commenting below.