Every year we do celebrate the day we were born. Whether the celebration will be a grand one or a simple one, it really depends on you how you want to celebrate it. Happiness after all is our own doing. 

I just celebrated my 55 years of existence. 

Oh my, yes I am getting old now. But a great realization is that  I want to age gracefully. Whatever I do now it’s all about how I should live my life – and I want to live a full life. A happy life , a life of gratefulness and happiness. My realization is that I should choose how i should be living. A life being contented where and what I am is what I am aiming for. And it boils down into one – that everyday I wake up I should Praise and Thank God for a brand new day. And that I will choose to be happy no matter what. I should be contented with life, and be happy always. A positive attitude should be my goal. 

How about you? 

Would love to hear from you