My First Painting Exhibit

In May 2008, i had my first painting exhibit at Duta Gallery in South Jakarta, Indonesia.
I was so nervous that day because i hadn’t seen where my paintings were placed by the curator.When i arrived at the venue, i was so shocked when i saw my pink butterfly painting at the entrance of the gallery. I who thought that my paintings were not good. I had little confidence at that time since i was still a beginner.
But lo and behold, they did homage to my painting by putting it at the entrance.

My Pink Butterfly
By Tenette Peralta-Racho

As the evening progressed, i became more confident as a painter.I saw people admiring my work of art. And with that, i knew what i had to do – Praise God for the talent He has given me.
Allow me to share with you some of the photos taken during the event.

My Pink Butterfly

My Pink Butterfly
40 cm X 40 cm
Oil on canvass
Artist: Tenette Peralta-Racho

This painting was an inspiration by a dear friend here in Jakarta. She gave me a picture of a butterfly. That picture made me paint this beautiful butterfly that i call my trademark. She even made a poem about My Pink Butterfly.

I love butterflies. The reason i love them is because i compare myself to a butterfly. Before it becomes a beautiful butterfly, it undergoes many stages. The metamorphosis of a butterfly is amazing. From an egg,  to a caterpillar, to a chrysalis then it emerges into a beautiful butterfly ready to spread its wings and fly.
I was once a shy and over protected young lady. My parents were so overprotective that they gave me the comforts in life. I never learned how to do things.  When i was in high school, i always compare myself to the other girls in my school. To me, they were all brighter than i am. I never tried to excel in high school. Although at the end of the year i saw that my grades were good.  But then i still did not believe in myself. I thought, i was not a smart girl and that i was a nobody. When i went to college, i began to excel in my school but still i was just one of them. But when i started working, it was my time to do my best. My first boss believed in me so i had to live up to her expectations. Then  people started believing in me. I gained my self confidence. From then on, i learned to be the best that i can be for the world. I tried everything that people my age would feel inadequate of doing. I became more technical, i tried everything that i could hold on too. I tried experimenting and i did not fail myself. I proved people that i was good enough.
Today, to further enhance myself and to keep on learning, I enrolled in a mentoring program for on line marketing, blogging and working as a virtual assistant. I also do stock market investments. And most of all., i am so proud to say that I am now an ARTIST – a painter.
So now, we can see that from a small cocoon a butterfly emerges.
Let us continue believing in ourselves that the BEST is yet to come.
And that no matter how old we are – we can still learn new things.


On our second painting class, we were ask to draw the fruits in front of us. As usual i was apprehensive again to draw. The fruits were arranged in such a way that i was looking at it from an angle. And i had to finish what i was doing in three hours. So it was draw then color it using pastel color. My! it was not just like coloring fruits in a coloring book but i had to do it taking into account the lighting and all! But wonders of all wonders! I was able to do it! I went home brimming with pride and showing off my work to my kids and my husband. They were all praises. So there i was ready to venture into my new world – oil painting!
But then i was not able to attend the next painting class because i had to go home to Manila for an emergency operation. They had to do a Dilatation and Curetage on me,  the doctors suspected possible bleeding. So i was not able to paint for almost three weeks since i had to rest after the operation.
After my rest, i had to get going again because my spirits were low. So the best therapy was for me to go back to my painting class. Since i was gone for a long time already my classmates were now doing their paintings in oil on canvass. Here i was just starting with my very first oil in canvass painting.
We were all required to do the same painting for our first venture – a still life painting of two wine bottles , a ceramic jar and a wine glass.
So i started, in front of me were two wine bottles, a wine glass and a ceramic jar. I had to draw first using a charcoal pencil. Then my friend suggested that i take a picture of those things so that if ever i am not through by the end of the class i could continue my work at home.
I prayed first before i started. By the end of the class i was able to make the drawings and started to use my brush and oils for the initial colorings. I was also very happy of what i was seeing. Little did i know that what i did that day will change my life forever. I was a budding artist then. Here is my very first Oil in Canvass Painting.

How I Started Painting

In 2005, my husband’s company assigned him to Jakarta, Indonesia. So the whole family had to pack and go to our new destination. At first we were afraid because we did not know what the future holds for us in Jakarta. But as soon as the kids were settled in their new school and my husband was settled in his new office, i then found friends who were my constant companions almost everyday. We had fun discovering our new home which was so rich in culture and the arts.

Then one day, a friend suggested that why not include painting classes in our new adventures.
And so, it started.
At first, i was so afraid because i know that i did not have any artistic talents inside me. Yes, i do scribble and make doodles of things but then to PAINT – or even to make a piece of ART was something really new for me.
Buying the things that we needed for our first day of painting was really fun, as all the things we were buying were like for kindergarten kids. We bought a sketch pad, an eraser and an HB pencil.
On the day of the painting class, i was nervous and excited at the same time because it will be a new experience for me.
Our teacher, an Indonesian guy with a long hair was very nice and accommodating to each and everyone in the group.
He told us to draw our left hand.
Wow! This is insane. I told myself. I know i was too dumb and stupid in drawings as i have a hard time translating what i see with what the thing is really.
So I prayed to God that whatever i draw may it be for His greater glory.
And Viola! I was able to make it.  I was brimming with pride when i finished drawing my hand.
But sorry to disappoint everyone, i couldn’t find the drawing now. But if ever i find it. I will include it here.

Raising BOYS This is a sharing of a full time MOM on how to raise boys.

3 boys in a row

I waited for them for three years. I was told that i wont have babies at all. My OB told me that our chromosomes where not compatible. I couldn’t believe it.I had planned everything but then hearing these really made me cry.
We tried different ways on how we could have a baby. There was even one instance when my pregnancy test became positive and after a month of lying in bed i was told that the ultrasound did not show any fetus at all. I was shocked and frustrated but then after lots of prayers and hoping and longing i finally gave birth to a handsome, cute, little baby boy. 11 months after i again gave birth to another handsome and cute baby boy, then again after a year i again gave birth to my third handsome and cute baby boy.
Let me share with you how i raised them up 3 boys in a row.

People often asks me how many children do you have? I tell them i have 3 boys. They say so tell me how do you raise 3 boys. Raising my 3 boys is not hard. In fact when they were growing up i didn’t have any problems with them. So for me raising boys is not as hard as it seems.

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