Working Women

This month of March we are celebrating Women’s Month. In line with this celebration i am posting herewith my Working Women Series of Paintings that i made through the years.
I have always been inspired to make these paintings by the fact that women really works hard in what ever profession she is in. I Honor most specially the Mothers who tirelessly give their time, talent and treasure for the family.

50 cm x 60 cm Oil in canvass

50 cm x 60 cm
Oil in canvass

40 cm x 60 cm Oil in canvass

40 cm x 60 cm
Oil in canvass

40 cm x 60 cm Oil in Canvass

40 cm x 60 cm
Oil in Canvass

50 cm x 60 cm Oil in Canvass

50 cm x 60 cm
Oil in Canvass

50 cm x 60 cm Oil in canvass

50 cm x 60 cm
Oil in canvass

Talents Revealed


I just finished my 50th painting. I am so happy i am able to paint on a canvass.

I am giving this painting to my Mom who requested that i give her again a newer painting than the one i gave her 7 years ago. Wow! its been 7 years. Who would imagine that i could paint. I didn’t even think that i can draw much more paint using oil as a medium on a canvass.

Indeed, there are things inside us that’s hidden and waiting to be revealed or be unfolded. Sometimes, people around us believe that we can do it. Sometimes, we are so shy or we never believe in ourselves.

When someone tells you that he/she believes in you. Affirm and believe for it is only in believing in ourselves that we can soar high and be the best that we can be.

How about you? Something is waiting to be uncovered. Reflect and pray for things that is unimaginable will be revealed.

Waiting for your inner talents to come out. Explore and believe!

My very first paintings

These two painting were my very first oil in canvass painting. At first i was so nervous doing it. But as i went along i began gaining confidence. And thus when this was finished i was proud of myself and told myself I can be a great artist someday. And when that day comes i will come back to these two paintings because these are the paintings that gave me confidence.

Painting Canvass

Did you know that the board that painters use to paint is called a canvass? According to Merriam-Webster , a canvass is a piece of cloth backed or framed as a surface for painting. I used a canvass that is primed and pre-stretch. What does this mean?
 A primed canvass is a canvass wherein a primer has been applied. Below is how a primed canvass and an unprimed one looks like.
The primer applied prepares the surface for painting. This is particularly necessary if you are using oil as your medium. Because the oil in the paint will not rot your canvass and the paint will not soak your canvass since a canvass is an absorbent material.
A pre-stretch  is a canvass that has been stretched and placed on a frame. It is easier to use since stretching a canvass takes time. Also once you paint on a pre stretch canvass it will be nice and smooth.
The canvass size will depend on how big or how small you want the objects in your painting. For me my favorite size is a 50 cm X 60 cm. But for my bufferfly paintings its usually a 40 cm X 40 cm.
A Primed and pre-stretched canvass can be bought from your local art supply store.

Splatter Painting a Wall

I had a very fulfilling day yesterday. My son and I did some splatter painting on his wall. It was a very fruitful experience and we had fun. Let me share with you what we did.
First of all you need to cover the walls that you don’t need to splatter paint on as this is a very messy one. So prepare the other walls by covering it with old newspapers and a masking tape. Cover the floors too with old newspapers and plastics. Wear old clothes that you don’t use as paint might get into them.
So, what are the things that you need.
Paint ( desired color) , in our case we used dark blue color for cement walls.I only bought a pint.
Ballons ( small size)
Thumb Tacks
Air Pump
Masking Tape

1. Prepare the sides of the walls that will not be painted by covering it with newspaper and masking tape. Cover the floor thoroughly so as not to have paint on the floor.
2. Put paint inside the balloon using a funnel.
3. Add air into the balloon with paint using the air pump. Then immediately tie the loose end of the balloon with a knot.
4. Put a small pin on a wall using a double sided tape but with the end of the pin which is sharp facing you.
5. Throw the balloon to the pin and it will burst and create a splatter on the wall.
6. Repeat above procedure and until the wall is fully splattered.

Accent Walls

We are in the process of renovating our new home. I was wondering what are the new colors for 2011. Colors that i can use in my living room, dining room and bedrooms.

What i am painting is one side of the wall which is the accent wall. Usually an accent wall is a solid wall. It should be a wall that catches one’s attention.

I still wanted to use my distinct colors. The bright yellow in my living room was one color that i really wanted to use. Actually its just an accent wall, meaning i will only paint one wall. I have read from books that it should be a bright color and something that will catch your eye.So i opted again for my bright yellow wall.

For my dining room, i painted one wall with bright red. It brings elegance and drama to the room.It also enhances the dining experience.

The It Color for 2011 is Honeysuckle. Since i love the color pink, i will use it for our bedroom’s accent wall.

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