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The video started with piano keyboards and musical pieces. Then the picture of a kid and a teenager. Those scenes reminded me of my childhood. My Mom is a piano teacher. Her students come to the house for their lessons. I was also one of her students. Usually my time slot was between 6 pm to 8 pm. I learned how to play the piano at an early age. I joined her piano recitals. But deep within me i was not convinced that i can play the piano very well. So my Dad thought of a good idea. Why don’t we pay Mom for my lessons so that i could be serious. But unfortunately even that did not push me to work harder on my lessons. Then i told them that i wanted to learn how to play the guitar. So they enrolled me for guitar lessons. I was able to play the guitar but then after so many lessons i told myself i was not into guitar playing. Then i again enrolled myself in dance lessons -from Hawaiian lessons to jazz lessons.After so many lessons i had to quit again. I wanted to excel in the Arts but i guess in everything i do i wasn’t excelling.

So starting on something and not being able to excel on that made my self confidence on the Arts deep down so low.I thought i had no talent at all.

Then came my dashing, understanding, patient husband. He is full of praises for me. He believed in me. He inspired me to do something that was in me. When my friends invited me to join them in their painting lessons, he supported me. Everytime i would come home from my painting lessons, he would critique my work – he said good things about it. During the time when we had a painting exhibit, he was so proud that he informed his officemates and gave out flyers for them to see the exhibit. He is my no 1 fan.
Now with his encouragements and support, i was able to make a lot of paintings.

Here are some of my works of Art:



After listening and watching this video:

I had to quickly write my thoughts. Caroline Casey had a very convincing talk. Sometimes, we really need people like her who can go beyond the odds in life. Its so hard to think that they can do it. But when reality strikes and we need to really do something for ourselves we need to hear motivational talks like this. It encourages one to think beyond the ordinary. To do something. To soar the heavens with things that we haven’t done in our life. Sometimes it scary. We think of what other people will say. We are afraid that we will be criticized or that people who love us will reject us. Or that we may be threading on an unknown path.
I did what i had to do five years and seven months ago. My husband had a job assignment and it would entail that the whole family would be relocated. We would be starting a new life here – an unknown place and with people we haven’t even met. The kids would go to a new school and all – a new life for our family. We had to packed our things and venture into the unknown. I for one had to give up a lot of things – my comfort zone in Manila.
After being a homemaker for 6 years, i ventured into a new career – teaching at the prestigious University of the Philippines College of Pharmacy and i also was about to finish my Masters Degree in the same university – my alma mater. Then all of a sudden i had to make a crucial decision in my life and of our family. I had no choice but to follow my heart. So we left for Jakarta Indonesia and started a new life.
My new life here in Indonesia is full of blessings. God so generously gave us what we needed and at times more than what we expected. Life is good.
Windows and doors where opened.
I for one, discovered that there are things and talents in my life that i had never known.
One afternoon, my friends told me that we were enrolling in a painting class. I was shocked but did not show it. Whatttttt meeeeee, doing painting? Yah, i painted the walls of our house before but it was more of just painting using a paintbrush and with one stroke – in fact i just used a roller brush to do all the painting. So i was really afraid to venture into this new field. And besides, i was confident that i did not have any talents other that being a MOM to my three sons and a wife to my husband.
So when the day of the painting class came. i found myself seated and was doing a pencil sketch of my left hand. Then after the class, i was starting to become confident of what i was doing. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had in front of me a beautiful sketch of my left hand.Twas a very beautiful hand. Then the next class came – i had to do a sketch of fruits and then color it with pastel crayons. As usual i was so afraid that i might do something different or that i might not be able to color it the way it should be colored. But again, after the class i was so happy with myself – its was a very attractive bowl of fruits. I was not gaining confidence on what i was doing. My husband even commented that i had talents that were not being discovered.
Then suddenly i had to go to Manila for an operation. The doctors found out that i had a thickening uterus that  might be cancerous and that they need to do a D&C on me. So i left for Manila and submitted to the procedure. In the meantime, my painting class was also about to start on painting on canvass using oil as the medium. After my operation, i was reluctant to start painting. Again i was afraid. My friends were already way ahead – i was just about to do my first still life painting of oil in canvass. The moment i took my brush – there was no stopping me now. I whisk away with my brush and even my teacher was amazed on how i was able to do it. He didn’t know that i had to say a little prayer in my heart before i started painting. All i said was “To God be the glory” and He allowed me to experience an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

After this painting, i was able to gain so much confidence that i already joined 3 painting exhibits here in Jakarta and have almost 25 paintings to date of flowers, gardens, women and doors. My house is now like a gallery of my paintings.
We can really do things that we have never ventured before. We need to give our very best in all th things that we do. And we need to believe in ourselves – For With God, all things are possible.
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