Every year we do celebrate the day we were born. Whether the celebration will be a grand one or a simple one, it really depends on you how you want to celebrate it. Happiness after all is our own doing. 

I just celebrated my 55 years of existence. 

Oh my, yes I am getting old now. But a great realization is that  I want to age gracefully. Whatever I do now it’s all about how I should live my life – and I want to live a full life. A happy life , a life of gratefulness and happiness. My realization is that I should choose how i should be living. A life being contented where and what I am is what I am aiming for. And it boils down into one – that everyday I wake up I should Praise and Thank God for a brand new day. And that I will choose to be happy no matter what. I should be contented with life, and be happy always. A positive attitude should be my goal. 

How about you? 


When I was still a small child, I can vividly remember that my Mom would always tell me how to behave properly in public. In our school Good Manners and Right Conduct were taught. We became aware on how to deal with others. Foremost is respect and honor to anybody that we get in contact with. Growing up , it became inherent in me to respect and honor people whom I encounter. It’s innate , it’s in the deepest core of my being. And so I believe that how we react to situations and to people around us comes from within. How we were trained and how our parents taught us is there inside of us. As parents, we should train and mold our children to respect and honor others. For only in respecting and honoring others will we be able to make this world a better place to live in. 

Being Happy

Being happy with whatever we have or in whatever situation we are in is the best outlook in life that we should have. Feeling happy is different as being happy. Happiness can be seen in the eyes of a person. Because people can see in our eyes if we are really happy deep inside. 

But sometimes, we just have to be happy and contented where we are and in whatever circumstance we are in. Acceptance is the key. And when we start to like and ultimately love the things around us then life will be beautiful. Then we will be very happy. 

Daily Exercises


Are you the type of person  who usually says I need to do some exercises everyday? Well, I for one is that person. In the morning , I find myself saying oh I will exercise today because my tummy is getting bigger and bigger and my clothes don’t fit. But as I go about my day that thought would just be in my mind and then when i am about to rest at night I would say, “Oh I forgot to do my exercise. I’ll do it tomorrow.” Yes, that’s my daily routine. But would it be great if we do these exercises everyday instead. 1. For the EYE – see the everlasting beauty in human kindness.
2. For the TONGUE – speak from the heart instead of the mouth.
3. For the FACE – smile more often to everyone.
4. For the EARS – speak less and listen more.
5. For the BRAIN – have constructive thoughts.
6. For the FEET – walk towards knowledge and wisdom.
7. For the NOSE – inhale the good and exhale the bad.
8. For the STRENGTH – get up after you fall down.
9. For the HEART – improve yourself and your community.
10. For the SOUL – we are never alone, walk with GOD.

That’s a simple exercise there no need to set aside time and no pain.

Why not try to do this everyday. We can make our world a better place to live in. Common let’s all do it! 



Every morning when we wake up after we have said our prayers we need to make affirmations so that the rest of the day will be a beautiful one. Positive thoughts begets positive attitude. One has to be positive all the time. In order for us to attract good vibes we should always smile and think positive. If you agree with me then say this every morning. So you will have a good day.

Love In Service

holy thursday

“I have given you a model to follow, so that as I have done for you, you should also do.” – John 13:15

Today’s beautiful message gives us a humbling experience. Imagine, Jesus who was their Master washed the disciple’s feet. Jesus as our model is so hard to follow specially if we always put out selfish motives upfront. But if we deny ourselves and serve others with love then and only then we can follow what Jesus did.
Sometimes, it is so hard to be of service to people around us, specially our family. We are so full of pride and arrogance that we forget to follow what Jesus did.
Let us always look back and reflect on what Jesus did during the last supper. If He can do it, surely we can do it too. By God’s grace I pray that we all be serving others specially our family with LOVE.

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