I am still at a lost of whether i should submit my assignment already. It seems there may be something wrong somewhere. I also did some revisions to my powerpoint and my pdf documents. Its good i was able to update them. I have completed my oDesk and have been certified oDesk ready. Imagine i had to print all the pages in the test coverage. Good thing i did that because now i can just flip through the pages when i have questions.
I also tried applying for a job but then i chickened out when i was about to click the “apply job” button.
I guess i need someone to boost my morale on this. Since i feel i have only little knowledge on computers and web designs and all.
I hope one day i can gather all my confidence and do it!

Fifth Assignment- VA

Today, i am so happy. Finally, i am able to finish my assignments. The fifth assignment is a powerpoint/pdf on How to make a note using Evernote.
Eversince i started using this, it has helped me a lot. I am able to retrieve notes even if i am not using my computer or i am using my iPad. I am so excited to use this.

Tenette_Racho_How to Make a Note Using Evernote

Second Assignment: How to upload files into Google Docs

I have been very busy these past few days. I really wanted to add posts into my blog. But it seems time is of the essence. So here i am now. I have finished doing the second of five (2 of 5) How to do it assignment. Now i know how to embed it. So here it is:

Tenette_Racho_How to upload files into google docs

I had fun uploading files into Google docs so this is the How to do it assignment that i did.