Recently, I watched the movie Cinderella. The movie opened with a short film Frozen Fever. I noticed that this short film opened my heart. It made me smile.
When the movie Cinderella started I had a smile on my lips. That smile lasted until the end of the movie. Why? You might ask because i like feel good movies and happy endings.
But what really got my attention was the attitude of Ella. She is a lovely person, kind and loving to all even to people who hurt her but when the time came to assert her right she stood her ground with courage and confidence.
Some people are either too courageous or assertive and would even step on the shoes of other people but there are some people who remain meek and humble and sometimes lack confidence.
What kind of a person are you? Would you rather be like Ella?
The choice and the decision is yours.
You can make a big difference in this whole wide world.
I choose to be Ella. How about you?
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