Conference Notes: “The Pursuit of Medicinal Plants, Sacred Seeds, and Modern Natural Medicines” ~ Daniel T. Wagner

I was looking for a conference on pharma and i saw this. So i took notes and i am happy that I have broaden my knowledge on plants used in medicine.
Here is the link to the conference:
“The Pursuit of Medicinal Plants, Sacred Seeds, and Modern Natural Medicines” ~ Daniel T. Wagner
Here is my notes on the conference:

Notes on Herbal Medicine Conference May 2014

“The Pursuit of Medicinal Plants, Sacred Seeds and Modern Natural Medicines”
Dr. Daniel T. Wagner R.Ph., MBA, Pharm.D

May 2014

Plant Facts :
➢ 250,000 plants species known only less than 1% tested for medical application
➢ NCI identified 3,000 plants good for anti-cancer drugs.
➢ 70% come from rain forest
o some known plants
• ginseng
• Asian mayapple
• Western yew
• Rosy periwinkle
➢ Rainforest plants are rich in Alkaloids
➢ Alkaloids are a number of heterocyclic, colorless, crystalline, bitter organic substances such as caffeine, morphine, quinine and strychnine which has alkaline properties and contains nitrogen

Plant Derived Drugs:
➢ Mexican Yams – Cortisone – inflammation and birth control
➢ Queen of the Prairie – Salicylic Acid – fever reducing and pain
➢ Opium poppy – Morphine – pain killer
➢ Indian Senna – Senna – laxative and cathartic
➢ Rosy Periwinkle – Vincristine – childhood leukemia
➢ Pacific Yew – Taxol – cancer
➢ Common Foxglove – Digitalis – strengthen heart
➢ Ergot – Ergotamine – migraines
➢ Cinchona Tree Bark – Quinine – malaria
➢ Atropa Belladonna – Atropine – vasodilator
➢ Ephedra Sincia – Ephedrine – suppress cough and decrease appetite
➢ Rauwolfia Serpentine – Reserpine – lower blood pressure.
➢ Goat’s Rue (Galega) – Metformin – diabetes
➢ Artemisia annua anamed – new malaria treatment
➢ Una de Gato – cat’s claw – powerful immune system booster and other maladies such as cancer, systemic candidiasis, genetal herpes and HIV-AIDS
o Also has anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties
➢ Cinchona Bark – Quinine – agent isolated in 1820 by French
o Killes parasites in RBC
➢ Pau d’ Arco – inner bark of the Tabebuia avellanedae tree – Brazil
o Pain, inflammation of the prostate gland, fever, dysentery and uclers
o Bark – treating eczema, psoriasis, fungus and cancer of the skin
➢ Maca Root – help rebuild weak immune system
o Re-mineralize poorly nourished bodies
o Balance estrogen and testosterone levels
➢ Wild Yam (Dioscoreaceae) – most highly researched plant in Central America
o Diosgenin ( isolated from this plant) – Birth Control Pill and Cortisone
• Menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness and night sweats
➢ Red Gumbolimbo – common healing tree of Central America
o External infections
o Effective treatment for psoriasis, eczema, insect bites, poison fungus and other skin manifectations
o I mix aloe, vitamin E, cortisone and or calendula to make Jungle Salve
➢ Jackass Bitters – against amoeba, parasites, etc.
o Can be a tincture or tea
➢ COPAL – resin used for painful cavities
➢ Allspice – berries – treat gas, digestive upsets and infant colic.
➢ Saw Palmetto – berries – benign prostate enlargement
➢ Cayenne Pepper – can be used to treat pain,
o May help save a life in case of stroke, angina attack or heart attack
o Use a dab of powder under tongue using sublingually
➢ Guarana – Brazil
o Contains high conc. Of caffeine – appetite suppressant, energy booster
➢ Lemon Balm – mint family – calming herb
o Reduce stress and anxiety
o Promote sleep, improve appetite
o Easy pain and discomfort
➢ Lemon Grass – use as tea for fever, coughs, colds and as a pleasant tonic or beverage.
➢ Policasanol – effective in lowering total cholesterol

Miracle Drugs from Nature:
AZT – Zidovudine – treatment of AIDS
LOVASTATIN – from an inkcap mushroom fungus – lower blood cholesterol
COUMADIN – from conundrum – anticoagulant
TAXOL – from pacific Yew – cancer drug
CURARE – from South American moonseed – strychnine – general anesthetic
CAPTOPRIL – brazillian pip viper’s poison- lowers BP
ChORAMPHENICOL – Venezuelan soil fungus – typhus and typhoid fever
METFORMIN – Goat’s Rue – treatment of diabetes

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