Daily Exercises


Are you the type of person  who usually says I need to do some exercises everyday? Well, I for one is that person. In the morning , I find myself saying oh I will exercise today because my tummy is getting bigger and bigger and my clothes don’t fit. But as I go about my day that thought would just be in my mind and then when i am about to rest at night I would say, “Oh I forgot to do my exercise. I’ll do it tomorrow.” Yes, that’s my daily routine. But would it be great if we do these exercises everyday instead. 1. For the EYE – see the everlasting beauty in human kindness.
2. For the TONGUE – speak from the heart instead of the mouth.
3. For the FACE – smile more often to everyone.
4. For the EARS – speak less and listen more.
5. For the BRAIN – have constructive thoughts.
6. For the FEET – walk towards knowledge and wisdom.
7. For the NOSE – inhale the good and exhale the bad.
8. For the STRENGTH – get up after you fall down.
9. For the HEART – improve yourself and your community.
10. For the SOUL – we are never alone, walk with GOD.

That’s a simple exercise there no need to set aside time and no pain.

Why not try to do this everyday. We can make our world a better place to live in. Common let’s all do it! 

Would love to hear from you