On our second painting class, we were ask to draw the fruits in front of us. As usual i was apprehensive again to draw. The fruits were arranged in such a way that i was looking at it from an angle. And i had to finish what i was doing in three hours. So it was draw then color it using pastel color. My! it was not just like coloring fruits in a coloring book but i had to do it taking into account the lighting and all! But wonders of all wonders! I was able to do it! I went home brimming with pride and showing off my work to my kids and my husband. They were all praises. So there i was ready to venture into my new world – oil painting!
But then i was not able to attend the next painting class because i had to go home to Manila for an emergency operation. They had to do a Dilatation and Curetage on me,  the doctors suspected possible bleeding. So i was not able to paint for almost three weeks since i had to rest after the operation.
After my rest, i had to get going again because my spirits were low. So the best therapy was for me to go back to my painting class. Since i was gone for a long time already my classmates were now doing their paintings in oil on canvass. Here i was just starting with my very first oil in canvass painting.
We were all required to do the same painting for our first venture – a still life painting of two wine bottles , a ceramic jar and a wine glass.
So i started, in front of me were two wine bottles, a wine glass and a ceramic jar. I had to draw first using a charcoal pencil. Then my friend suggested that i take a picture of those things so that if ever i am not through by the end of the class i could continue my work at home.
I prayed first before i started. By the end of the class i was able to make the drawings and started to use my brush and oils for the initial colorings. I was also very happy of what i was seeing. Little did i know that what i did that day will change my life forever. I was a budding artist then. Here is my very first Oil in Canvass Painting.

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