Do it now!

if you will it you can

Oftentimes, we procrastinate on doing things. Or we do not have the courage to do it.
Sometimes, we are just too lazy to get up and do it.

I have been dangling on this project of mine. Actually it took me 9 months to do it. Then just last week i said to myself i need to do this project now. And so i downloaded this picture album from wherein you can do your album online and have it printed and delivered to your doorstep. And so I stopped procrastinating and started doing it. I have few obstacles long the way like my laptop suddenly stops and crashes on me or i get distracted by doing other things. But now i have a firm resolution to really finish this project of mine.
It just takes our willingness to do one thing and our commitment to finish whatever we started.
All it takes is a firm resolution to JUST DO IT!
As my posters says – If you will it … you can.
How about you? Do you have any stories to tell? Common lets publish it here so that we can inspire other people.
Shall I hear from you soon?

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