E + R = O

You might be wondering why my title is such.
Well, for one i am a technical person and i love formulas.
But didn’t you know that the above formula is adaptable even to a non technical person? Yes, you can use it.
What does it mean?
Here are some examples:
When you were conceived in the womb of your Mom and she learned about you being there. She had two choices – to keep you or to abort you. But she choose to keep you so there you are.
When she got her marriage proposal from your Dad, she said yes and now they are happily married.
After graduation, you had the option to work or not. But you choose to work and there you are, you got a job.
In your work, when you do not like your boss, you have the option to resign or continue working. The result will depend on what you choose.

In every event or situation, we are given the choice what and how we will respond to the situation and the result or the outcome will be determined by our choice.

So therefore; An Event ( which is the situation ) plus a Response (your choice to act)to that situation will make an Outcome.

Let me share with you a beautiful and inspiring story on the choices we make in life given a situation.

Nick Jujivic’s story is a very touching and inspiring one.

Yes, we all can make life beautiful even if the situation is not going the way we like. We just have to know how to respond to a situation.

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