Alium sativum L.

Have you ever wondered what food in your refrigerator or in your garden is good for high blood pressure? Yes, there is one. Its the white thing that you use always when you saute your food. YES! It’s the GARLIC bulb that you use everyday. So what can garlic do? First let us know more about garlic.

The fresh cloves are the ones that we need. It is available everywhere. Go to a marketplace  and its there. Choose the ones that are fresh.

The scientific name of garlic is Alium sativum L.
The active component of Garlic is Alicin, which is primarily responsible for its medicinal uses.

Garlic is a perennial that grows all over the world. The bulb is use for medicinal purposes. It contains 4-20 cloves.

The Garlic clove is termed “wonder drug” it is used to cure a lot of diseases from the ordinary cold to managing blood cholesterol levels. It can also cure acne. It has an antioxidant property that helps build our immune system and helps prevent cancer. It is also a good antibacterial agent.

Garlic is a natural blood thinner, thus it helps increase blood flow.

Recently, i just read that cloves of garlic can be eaten just before a flight. It helps prevent nausea, giddiness, headache, malaise and extreme fatigue caused by the reduced oxygen level in the airplane.

Garlic can be eaten raw, fried or roasted. Garlic Oil and standardized garlic powder are now used to make the drug.

Although too much consumption of garlic can induce hyperacidity.

So just eat the right amount. 6-8 cooked cloves daily is enough.

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