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During the last two months i have witnessed my son graduated from Highschool and we his parents attended an alumni homecoming from our own university. 
During the graduation ceremony, i was preventing myself not to cry. But when the song “You Raised Me Up” was sung, i couldn’t contain myself. My tears just flowed. Then a flashback of memories started. From the time when he was still a small child up to the present.How time flies. It was as if i was still carrying him in my arms and now he is so tall and big. I can see that he is ready for his new life – college life. I guess i just need to let go and just pray that everything will be A-OK. That he will be able to live a life on his own without me around. I will be sad that he will be going away to a far away place but happy that he will soon make his dream a reality.
Reunions on the other hand made me realize how time flies and what we have achieved. And where we are now is because we have made that dream happen. And it was all because of God’s grace. It also made me realize who my true friends are because even after 27 years they are still there and when you see them its like you just start where you left off once again. 
Meeting up with old schoolmates and professors made me trek down memory lane . The times when we were all jam-packed in a room just to study in a group because it was so hard understanding things without the help of other people. Memorizing a lot of chemicals and their functions and how they react and interact in your body. Those were the days when we were deprived of sleep. But there were days too of fun and laughter which up to now make me smile.
Graduations and reunions are events in one’s life that make you realize how time flies and what you have done to make that life worth living for.

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