Health Benefits of Banana

This morning while i was having my breakfast of Bread and some Hotdogs, i saw that the banana fruit was there lying around in one corner of the table. And so, i reached out for it and opened it. Thinking what nutritional health facts does a banana have.
Then i came to realize that Bananas are rich in Potassium and Magnesium, which when taken can help our circulatory system.It also saves us from the risk of having high  blood pressure. It also relives us from muscle cramps.
Bananas have B6 that helps in our immune system by protecting our body against infection.
They also help in our digestive system. A banana can either help us when we are constipated or when we have diarrhea. It also helps us when we have ulcers because it coats the lining of the stomach.
Aside from the fruit nutritional benefits. Bananas can also be used to heal wounds by making a paste and covering the wound. It can also soothe out itchiness in the body caused by insect bites.
So why not grab a banana everytime you feel like eating. It can prevent you from eating that sugary dessert/pastries which can lead you to diabetes.

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