book cover change your life in 30 days

Yesterday, as part of my lenten week reflections, i read this book by Bo Sanchez – How to Change your Life in 30 days. I was so glued into reading it that i was able to finish reading the book in less than an hour. And so i started planning what i need to change in my life and you guess right – writing my blogs daily is one of them. Hopefully i can do this everyday and yes i am starting now. But if i fail, as the book says do it all over again.
According to Bo, there are 4 powerful ingredients necessary to change your life that is PURPOSE, PLAN, PRACTICE AND PRODUCE. I may call it the 4 P’s that i need to remember.
If you want to really know what these are and i tell you they are easy steps to follow then go to and buy your ebook and start changing your life NOW! Common, what are you waiting for. Its time for a change!

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