Citrus microcarpa L.

Citrus microcarpa L.

This wonder fruit is cultivated and grown in the Philippines. This is a must for every household. The plant is a shrub that grows with tiny spines.  The fruit is normally green but when ripe it turns yellowish.

The fruit is rich in Vitamin C. 34 pcs of the medium ripe Kalamansi can meet the dietary allowance of Vitamin C which is 90 mg/day.

The fruit is used to treat cough, colds and a sorethroat. It can also be a bleaching agent for freckles and helps clear up acne. It is also used as a face mask if used together with milk. The fruit crushed with gugo is used to wash the hair and can stimulate hair growth.

Why not grab a calamansi today and make a fruit juice.




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