Learnings From the Heart

Everyday is a learning in progress. Everyday there are lots and tons of things that we learn.From a simple way of doing things such as the computer to a more complex thing as stock exchange and money market.

In my quest to be a Virtual Assistant, i have discovered a lot of things.

Using Dropbox to place my file on and is accessible everywhere i go. I can also share it with my friends. In fact, i have been promoting its use that i saw one time that my son was using it already. It is very useful since if ever your files are corrupted, then it is readily available.

I have been using Word,Excel and Powerpoint a lot. In fact among my peers ( you know i belong to the category who are more indulge in shopping and or doing household chores rather than doing things on a computer)they brand me as a techie person ( meaning a person who can do computers). Now this VA work has expanded my life to not only internet browsing but to a more complex one.

I am so happy that i have ventured into this new world. Now i can say i am up to date.

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