Lenten Retreat Ash Wednesday

Pray the words of Psalm 139 slowly, speaking to God. Imagine God as a novelist and you a character in the novel, or God as a sculptor working to create you. What feelings emerge as you imagine these things? Tell God what you hope for and what you fear as God labors to bring you to greater life.

Choose something to create: a recipe, a sculpture, a model airplane, a poem, a painting, a birdhouse, a film, or something else that draws on your talents. Give your creation to someone you love and tell him or her why you did it. Do everything you can to make the gift beautiful and remarkable so that the person understands that you gave your best effort on his or her behalf.

taken from: https://www.ignatianspirituality.com/18645/the-ignatian-workout-for-lent-retreat-week-of-ash-wednesday

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