Letting Go

DSC_3451Image by flemming. d5000 via Flickr

From a cocoon, a beautiful butterfly emerges. And this butterfly soars its way up high to new places and encounters new things.
Just like our children, we nurture them, we teach them, we give them all our love and care. And when the time has come of letting them go sometimes or rather most of the time its hard.
Have you ever experienced sending off your children in a far away land and not being able to come to them when they need you because time and space does not permit it?
Let me share with you what i went through last year and again will be going through this year and then again next year.
Saying goodbye to them is pretty hard.
First i had to deal with all the college applications that they go through. Then the visas and before you know it its enrollment time. I had to get to know the school that they will be going to. The maps,places nearby, the transportation , the weather and even such things as the nearest church that they will go to and the schedule of masses during Sundays. I had it all printed out and studied how they will go about with their daily activities. I had it all mapped out but not telling them that i was doing such things so that they would do it on their own too. I also ordered on line the linens that they will need and had it delivered before we arrived.
Then i was busy telling them what to bring and what not to bring. I printed out a list of things that they should bring. I also prepared a first aid kit, complete with medicines and properly labeled as to when they will drink it. I also gave them an organized folder containing photo copies of their birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport and visa page ( for US, a copy of the I20 and Sevis receipt). Inside that accordion folder i also placed printed copies of prayers and other religious items. Yes, i was overly concerned with things. But i needed that,not only to ensure that they will be ok but more so to affirm myself that i have given them everything that they needed as they start their new life.
But most of all i always let them feel that they are important to me and whatever, i would be doing once they call i would drop everything for them. Assuring them that I am still around eventhough distance is the problem can alleviate their fears too.
They will gain confidence when they are assured of all our love and support.
On our part, we just need to PRAY a lot that everything will be ok for them and they are always in God’s hands.

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