Life and Love

I am a Mom of three boys ages 20, 19 and 17.

24 years ago we were told that i won’t be able to have one.

I married the man of my dreams. We were married when i was 26 years old. We had planned our wedding  – and it was perfect. Every detail was executed and we were happy about it. We both had promising careers in front of us. And so we planned our new life together. I told myself that i should have my first child by age 27. And would space it in such a way that it is well planned. Two months after our wedding , i was pregnant already. We were so happy that our plans were falling into place. But then a month after, i had a miscarriage. Our hopes were not dampen with that first fall. We tried again and true enough i was again pregnant after a month. In order to make sure that my pregnancy would be a success, i requested from my boss a leave of absence for the remainder of my pregnancy. They allowed me to go on leave and take a rest. But then after a month, i had spotting and bleeding again. It was my second miscarriage that year. We were so down and frustrated. And to top it all, the doctors said that we won’t have any babies because our chromosomes might not be compatible. We asked ourselves a big “WHY” when everything was A-OK from the start. And so we decided to enjoy ourselves first and concentrate on our careers. We were enjoying our honeymoon stage and our new life as a new couple. Until people were now wondering if we had plans on having a family of our own soon. This pressure from other people made us so frustrated every month when i would have my period.

We keep on trying and trying but to no avail. Two years after, i missed my period so i went to see my OB, and my urine sample tested slightly positive. So the OB advised me to take a complete bed rest. I again requested from my employers for a leave of absence. And they allowed me. I was in bed for 2 months -complete bed rest means you can only make a pee right next to your bed and no physical exertion is allowed. So in bed i prayed the rosary, made novenas to all the saints and prayed and prayed until i would fall asleep. This happened everyday for 2 months. After two months of being in bed, my OB said that i need to visit her and have a ultrasound. We were so excited for the ultrasound but then our joy was changed to sorrow when the OB declared that i was not pregnant at all and that she saw a cyst instead of a fetus. I was so dumbfounded and so frustrated that i wanted to run and run and run to nowhere. I had so many questions in my mind. I was so depressed. My third fall.

But then we had to move on with our lives. We forgot about trying and trying to have a child.
We spent most of our weekends out of town. One weekend we went to Manaog Church in Pangasinan to visit Our Lady of Manaog and make our fervent prayer and request for a child. After visiting the church, we went to La Union.We went jogging by the beach, then suddenly i realized that i did not have my period. But then we dismissed the idea and still went about we our vacation.

When we arrived in Manila, i went to see my OB and lo and behold, i was confirmed pregnant.  9 months after i gave birth to a healthy and handsome baby boy. That was Feb 3, 1991.Then again 11 months after i again gave birth to another handsome and healthy baby boy – Jan 22, 1992. And again after a year and a half on Nov 22, 1993, i again gave birth to a healthy and handsome baby boy.

These were clear manifestations to me and my husband that God has a plan for us and that His plans may not be in accordance with our plans and that His plans will be unfolded to us in His time.

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