My First Painting Exhibit

In May 2008, i had my first painting exhibit at Duta Gallery in South Jakarta, Indonesia.
I was so nervous that day because i hadn’t seen where my paintings were placed by the curator.When i arrived at the venue, i was so shocked when i saw my pink butterfly painting at the entrance of the gallery. I who thought that my paintings were not good. I had little confidence at that time since i was still a beginner.
But lo and behold, they did homage to my painting by putting it at the entrance.

My Pink Butterfly
By Tenette Peralta-Racho

As the evening progressed, i became more confident as a painter.I saw people admiring my work of art. And with that, i knew what i had to do – Praise God for the talent He has given me.
Allow me to share with you some of the photos taken during the event.

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