My Pink Butterfly

My Pink Butterfly
40 cm X 40 cm
Oil on canvass
Artist: Tenette Peralta-Racho

This painting was an inspiration by a dear friend here in Jakarta. She gave me a picture of a butterfly. That picture made me paint this beautiful butterfly that i call my trademark. She even made a poem about My Pink Butterfly.

I love butterflies. The reason i love them is because i compare myself to a butterfly. Before it becomes a beautiful butterfly, it undergoes many stages. The metamorphosis of a butterfly is amazing. From an egg,  to a caterpillar, to a chrysalis then it emerges into a beautiful butterfly ready to spread its wings and fly.
I was once a shy and over protected young lady. My parents were so overprotective that they gave me the comforts in life. I never learned how to do things.  When i was in high school, i always compare myself to the other girls in my school. To me, they were all brighter than i am. I never tried to excel in high school. Although at the end of the year i saw that my grades were good.  But then i still did not believe in myself. I thought, i was not a smart girl and that i was a nobody. When i went to college, i began to excel in my school but still i was just one of them. But when i started working, it was my time to do my best. My first boss believed in me so i had to live up to her expectations. Then  people started believing in me. I gained my self confidence. From then on, i learned to be the best that i can be for the world. I tried everything that people my age would feel inadequate of doing. I became more technical, i tried everything that i could hold on too. I tried experimenting and i did not fail myself. I proved people that i was good enough.
Today, to further enhance myself and to keep on learning, I enrolled in a mentoring program for on line marketing, blogging and working as a virtual assistant. I also do stock market investments. And most of all., i am so proud to say that I am now an ARTIST – a painter.
So now, we can see that from a small cocoon a butterfly emerges.
Let us continue believing in ourselves that the BEST is yet to come.
And that no matter how old we are – we can still learn new things.

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