Music for Babies

When my babies where still inside my womb. I would let them hear music – classical ones. Good thing a friend of mine gave me a load of classical CDs.  I would listen to them on my way to work or even when i am asleep.
Babies can benefit a lot when they listen to classical music. Babies are stimulated by music. It has been studied that a fetus that is on its 15th week can already hear sounds.
When my babies were born, i tried playing the same classical music and to my surprise they would respond .
Oftentimes, crying babies are consoled by classical music. It helps them relax. My three sons were exposed to it a lot. I even let them hear classical music while i was giving them their daily bath. It helped a lot. They cried less. They love it. 
When they grew up all three boys were all musically inclined individuals.In fact they love music. They can sing, play musical instruments such as guitar, piano and violin. I owe this to my Mom who told me to expose my sons to music at an early stage.
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Raising BOYS This is a sharing of a full time MOM on how to raise boys.

3 boys in a row

I waited for them for three years. I was told that i wont have babies at all. My OB told me that our chromosomes where not compatible. I couldn’t believe it.I had planned everything but then hearing these really made me cry.
We tried different ways on how we could have a baby. There was even one instance when my pregnancy test became positive and after a month of lying in bed i was told that the ultrasound did not show any fetus at all. I was shocked and frustrated but then after lots of prayers and hoping and longing i finally gave birth to a handsome, cute, little baby boy. 11 months after i again gave birth to another handsome and cute baby boy, then again after a year i again gave birth to my third handsome and cute baby boy.
Let me share with you how i raised them up 3 boys in a row.

People often asks me how many children do you have? I tell them i have 3 boys. They say so tell me how do you raise 3 boys. Raising my 3 boys is not hard. In fact when they were growing up i didn’t have any problems with them. So for me raising boys is not as hard as it seems.

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