Painting Canvass

Did you know that the board that painters use to paint is called a canvass? According to Merriam-Webster , a canvass is a piece of cloth backed or framed as a surface for painting. I used a canvass that is primed and pre-stretch. What does this mean?
 A primed canvass is a canvass wherein a primer has been applied. Below is how a primed canvass and an unprimed one looks like.
The primer applied prepares the surface for painting. This is particularly necessary if you are using oil as your medium. Because the oil in the paint will not rot your canvass and the paint will not soak your canvass since a canvass is an absorbent material.
A pre-stretch  is a canvass that has been stretched and placed on a frame. It is easier to use since stretching a canvass takes time. Also once you paint on a pre stretch canvass it will be nice and smooth.
The canvass size will depend on how big or how small you want the objects in your painting. For me my favorite size is a 50 cm X 60 cm. But for my bufferfly paintings its usually a 40 cm X 40 cm.
A Primed and pre-stretched canvass can be bought from your local art supply store.

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