Patience is a virtue.
Its hard to have patience, especially when you are surrounded with things or people or circumstances that really tests your patience.
I have been tested a lot of times but sometimes really i want to give up. But then after i pray about it, i can always step back and wait. Or i just keep my mouth shut in order not to hurt other people.
When is my patience tested?
* When i wait on line and suddenly someone from behind overtakes……
* When people around me tend to slow down when i am in a hurry…..
* When i keep on praying for something and it takes long time before it unfolds……
* When the traffic is so bad……
* When things you planned doesn’t happen the way you like it……
* When your flight is delayed…..
* When there is a typhoon and your plane was not able to land….
* When you are in the airport and they announced that your flight was cancelled…..
* When you keep on teaching someone and it takes time for them to learn…..

The list is endless. So what should we do when things are getting off hand?
Seat back, relax and pray.
Because at the right time and at the right place, things will go on as planned.

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