The other day we had an honoring for a dear friend and a co member of our CFC Household. While we were honoring, I noticed that there was a specific trait that my friend has. It was PEACE. But then, there were two kinds of PEACE that was being attributed to her. It was therapeutic PEACE and calming PEACE. Then it dawn on me that indeed there are two kinds of PEACE. That which is therapeutic meaning you radiate peace from within. And that PEACE you give to people that you meet. On the other hand, the calming peace is the peace that you have yourself, meaning within you. You feel that peace and in so doing people look at you as peaceful and calm and full of serenity.
May we always have those two kinds of peace. May we radiate Therapeutic Peace and feel that Calming Peace within.
Come pray with me that we may have that everlasting peace.

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