Right now i am reading the book – Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother by Amy Chua.  The book is very interesting for a Mom like me. Although my sons are now teen agers and have passed that stage. I guess its a good reminder for some other Moms. It speaks about perfection. And practice makes perfect. A lot of time and effort is invested on something that they do, like in the case of Ms. Amy Chua’s daughters it was playing the violin and playing the piano.

When i was small, my Mom used to tell me that i should devote time to practice or do my piano lesson assignments at least 3 x a week. But i was full of excuses. I did not do it. At first i tried doing it and it would result to beautiful music being played on the piano. I would love hearing myself playing good music. But then when i became too engrossed on other things. I would forget my practice time until i completely forgot all about it specially when i went to college. Now i am regretting it. I should have done it so that by now i could have been a piano virtuoso. 

Thirty five years after, while visiting my parent’s home, i gazed upon my piano piece. I was starring at it not even knowing how i would play it. It dawned on me that i should have devoted my time and talent on playing the piano. My Mom was staring at me and was telling me that she admired me before when i was still playing the piano. That she saw the talent in me. But then everything now is too late. Is it really too late now to start practicing so that i can attain perfection?

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