Piolo–KC Concepcion: Break UP!


You might have heard of the recent revelation of KC Concepcion at The Buzz last Sunday. Yes its true – they have ended  their fairytale relationship. Everybody was hoping that their relationship will culminate into marriage. They seems to be fit for each other. They were both madly in love.
But then, fate was not on their side. They were after all not meant for each other.
I like what KC said, that she derives her  strength in Jesus. She has never prayed like before. This is the best way we should face failures, broken relationships, disappointments – go to the one true God! He is the only one who can help us.

In situations like these we normally undergo four stages. That is:

1. Denial – KC narrated in the interview that at first she was forgiving to all that Piolo did. She was in denial of whatever it is that is wrong in their relationship. She would always forgive him no matter what. Because she loved him. She knew that something was wrong but didn’t see it. Then she came terms with reality that is when she felt ….

2.  Anger – as KC mentioned, the love she has for Piolo has turned into anger. We will go through this phase. We will be angry at the situation, at someone we used to love , or at something.
Then when we realize that we are in that situation – ALONE now. We feel…..

3. Depression – She may not yet be in this stage but it will surely come. In this stage,  we feel so alone, we try to reminisce all the memories that we have – of course the good ones. When significant dates come we feel depressed. We feel that after what happened we can not see any hope. We tend to isolate ourselves. We tend to turn away from solutions that people around us are offering. We shut ourselves out. What we need to do at this stage is to move on. Look at life once again. And if we do. We now move on to …..

4. Acceptance – KC and Piolo will surely realize one day that they were not really meant to each other. That life will move on even if they are not together anymore. That afterall, life is beautiful and they will find someone who will make their lives magical…..

Afterall, God wants us to be happy!Smile

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