Raising BOYS This is a sharing of a full time MOM on how to raise boys.

3 boys in a row

I waited for them for three years. I was told that i wont have babies at all. My OB told me that our chromosomes where not compatible. I couldn’t believe it.I had planned everything but then hearing these really made me cry.
We tried different ways on how we could have a baby. There was even one instance when my pregnancy test became positive and after a month of lying in bed i was told that the ultrasound did not show any fetus at all. I was shocked and frustrated but then after lots of prayers and hoping and longing i finally gave birth to a handsome, cute, little baby boy. 11 months after i again gave birth to another handsome and cute baby boy, then again after a year i again gave birth to my third handsome and cute baby boy.
Let me share with you how i raised them up 3 boys in a row.

People often asks me how many children do you have? I tell them i have 3 boys. They say so tell me how do you raise 3 boys. Raising my 3 boys is not hard. In fact when they were growing up i didn’t have any problems with them. So for me raising boys is not as hard as it seems.

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