Smile – it makes the world go round!

While watching this video,

 it reminded me of the song:
” Smile an everlasting smile, a smile can bring you near to me”
A smile is very contagious, if someone smiles at you – you either make a twitch, smile back or look behind you to check if that person is really smiling at you.
A smile can make a gloomy day look perfect.
A smile can make a crying little boy stop crying.
A smile can make a grouchy person become mellow.
A smile can uplift other people’s thoughts and can make the world go round.

Just looking at the smiley face above can make you smile.
Smile when you wake up, smile when you brush your teeth,smile when you are in the bathroom, smile when you look into the mirror ,smile when you walk out of your house, smile when you are in your car, smile when you enter your office and smile when you greet your boss. Try doing these things and it will start a brand new beautiful day.

A Beautiful Smile

A beautiful smile
falls ‘cross your face
When you are happy
or full of grace.
A beautiful smile
fills your eyes,
When you’re contented
 or surprised.
A beautiful magic
attends your soul,
When you have spoken
 of love untold.

A beautiful poem about SMILE. And it says that with smile comes encouraging words. Words that we can use to uplift us or encourage other people. When we say beautiful things to other people, or when we compliment other people. There is a two way magic in those words. We feel encouraged and at the same time we encourage other people. Try encouraging someone and it will make you smile deep within you.

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