Steve Jobs – a man with a legacy

I was surprised to read on facebook people saying Rest in Peace – Steve Jobs. Then i had to go to CNN to confirm what they were saying. When i learned that it was true.  Its like someone close to me just died. I was really affected. Then I realized, yes, he did had an impact in my life. The day when my husband gave me my iPad as a gift. Yes, that was the day when I became an “apple” fan. I love the iPad.

That started me to read more about Steve Jobs.  He inspired me to do things that i love to do and to follow my heart and my dreams.

I was also touched by Steve Jobs speech. To me it gave me a lot of insights in life. We need really to hone our God given talents and to do the best always and to hone our skills –10,000 times in order for us to be the best for the world.

Driven by passion, we can fulfill our dreams.

Allow me to share with you the speech he did at Stanford University.

Rest in peace Steve Jobs! Thank you for sharing with us your God given talent and the legacy you left behind – the apple technology.

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