Talents Revealed


I just finished my 50th painting. I am so happy i am able to paint on a canvass.

I am giving this painting to my Mom who requested that i give her again a newer painting than the one i gave her 7 years ago. Wow! its been 7 years. Who would imagine that i could paint. I didn’t even think that i can draw much more paint using oil as a medium on a canvass.

Indeed, there are things inside us that’s hidden and waiting to be revealed or be unfolded. Sometimes, people around us believe that we can do it. Sometimes, we are so shy or we never believe in ourselves.

When someone tells you that he/she believes in you. Affirm and believe for it is only in believing in ourselves that we can soar high and be the best that we can be.

How about you? Something is waiting to be uncovered. Reflect and pray for things that is unimaginable will be revealed.

Waiting for your inner talents to come out. Explore and believe!

Would love to hear from you