The Future is Full of Hope

The Future is Full of Hope

While i was waiting for the mall to open, I was talking to the telephone operator at the Business Center of Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas City.
I was so inspired by his life story that i told him i would write about him in my blog.
He is a man full of hope and dreams for a brighter future. A person that can inspire other people.
His name is Allen Ojera, and he is a recipient of Global Fund for Children. He is now working at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas.
Allen, is a simple guy but full of hope. When he was a child he said he had to work in a sugar plantation to help out with the expenses of the family. Life was hard then, he hoped and prayed that life would become better. Then he came upon the Laura Vicuna foundation. This foundation taught him how to be a well rounded person. After graduation he landed a scholarship for a vocational course – dressmaking. He finished his course, but then a brighter future was given to him – that of working in the hotel industry in Manila. He was trained in all the departments in the hotel. He told himself that he will do his best in whatever department he was in and with his exemplary performance, the hotel hired him. And now, with his stable work he can now support his family in Negros Occidental. Life is good he says. For him, God first and family second.
I might not do justice to his story so allow me to share with you the link to his story.

I hope and pray with the story of Allen, I was able to inspire you to be the best in whatever circumstances you are in right now and for those who have more, may you have generous hearts to give. Because whatever help you give will surely go a long way.

If you know of success stories like Allen, let me know so that through this blog we may be able to touch other people’s hearts and minds.

Indeed our future is full of HOPE!


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