A Glass of Water

Did you know that drinking 8 or more glasses of water a day can make you beautiful, healthy and strong? Well, you might shrug it off as another beauty regimen. But i tell you, it really will make you beautiful, healthy and strong. Because water can make our skin smooth and glowing because it can add moisture to the skin. Also, it washes away from our body some unwanted toxins that may be lurking around. It is also used in almost all of our body systems, either to carry nutrients to our cells or to moisten parts of our system.
I for one, if i drink 8 or more glasses of water a day, i feel A-ok. But did you know that drinking it at a proper time can really make you feel good and healthy?

Here are the times when you need to drink a full glass of water:

  • After waking up – 2 glasses of water – helps activate internal organs
  • 30 minutes before a meal  – 1 glass of water – helps in digestion
  • Before taking a bath – 1 glass of water – helps lower blood pressure
  • Before going to bed – 1 glass of water – avoid stroke and heart attack
  • Anytime of the day when you feel thirsty – 1 glass of water – helps replenish water that is lost when we do exercises, when the weather is hot, when we are breastfeeding and when we are sick.
Drinking lots of water and juices  when we are sick is the number one cure specially when we have fever, colds and cough. 
So don’t forget to drink your water. Why not get up now and drink a glass.

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