Today, December 4, 2011, we celebrate our 24 years of married life. We Praise and Thank God for all the trials and blessings that came our way. Indeed, God is an awesome God.
When the doctor’s prognosis confirmed that we can not have a child –  God blessed us with three handsome and intelligent sons. We couldn’t ask for more. That to us is the greatest gift.
But what made us last this long?

Its God!
Yes our ONE, TRUE, LOVING  God! He is at the center of our married life.
What makes our marriage work:
M – mutual understanding
A- acceptance
R – reconciliation
R – respect
I – involvement
A – admiration
G – generosity
E – encouragement
These are the essentials that for us, up to now we have and hold dear.
We look forward to our 25th wedding celebration next year.

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